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  • Avalon Eagle frames offer the largest selection of FIXED throat sizes available.  Throats are 1/8" over wall size

  • Avalon Phoenix frames suit any wall size from 3 1/2" - 16 1/2" without the use of applied stops.  Allows uniform appearance of sidelite openings regardless of wall size

  • Dual-glaze system 3rd party tested to STC 53

  • 45M Rated Sidelites 

  • 90M Rated Frames

  • Anodized and Powdercoat finishes available.  Powdercoat done in house

  • Custom Profiles available



  • Program allows you to input labor, overhead, and mark-up percentages for clear job costing and profitability

  • Great for single-family, multi-family & builders

  • Program self creates designs to save you time before owner buy in

  • Works with multiple product lines and different storage areas with built in and adjustable shelving options

  • Mortise & tubular commercial grade locks

  • Architectural Pulls

  • Custom Pulls and Locks

  • High design and affordability are well suited to multi-family and hospitality projects

  • Sliding Door Hardware offering includes recessed pulls, mortise locks, and vertical pulls for pocket doors, barn doors, and offset sliders

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